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Giveaways and Free Promotions

Who would have known, entering the world of self-publishing, that it costs more than you earn for the first few months! And its addictive, this giving things away for free!

On Goodreads, starting today and lasting a week, I have 2 copies of my novel TIME OF THE DARKNESS in a Giveaway open to the entire world.
So far 181 people have requested it in one day, so it looks like being a good one!

KDP Kindle free promotions
OK this doesn’t actually cost me anything, and no doubt the vast majority of people who download it wouldn’t have actually paid for it, so its kind of like a bit of free advertising
Just one day left to get THE MAILED FIST free for Kindle


Author Interviews

Here, at Grey Wolf’s Blog, I plan to do a series of Author Interviews, hopefully one every couple of weeks, with the possibility of one a week of genre authors during Science Fiction Month (November 2013).
To that end, I am adding Interviews as a top-level navigational device, alongside Home and Guest Blogging, and will archive every interview on a webpage of its own after it has been on the blog for a week. That way, they will all remain easily accessible going forward.

Customer Service

I’ve worked out a 6-point Customer Service rating, with 6 the lowest and 1 the highest
6 Reluctant
5 Surly
4 Sarcastic
3 Dull
2 Efficient
1 With a Smile

As some examples:-
a) Reluctant :- Swansea Market, the stall holders too interested in talking to each other or on their phones to bother to notice the customer enquiring at their stall
b) Surly :- a waiter at an Italian restaurant in Cardiff, situation luckily rescued by his smiley co-worker or I would have left
c) Sarcastic :- blond waiteress at a restaurant the other night, every time she was back at the bar with her co-workers she was telling tales of the customers and their unreasonableness
d) Dull :- girl at charity shop in Lancaster, came out slowly from behind the desk, checked what I asked, said no and went back behind the desk
e) Efficient :- The Stork, Calders Green or The Slyne Lodge, North of Lancaster, both of which venues had attentive waiting staff but no smiles
f) With a Smile :- The bag stall on Cardiff Market where the guys wanted to sell me a bag; Esquires Coffee Shop, Lancaster where the server was all smiles, all suggestions and cool; Next in Lancaster where the girl serving upstairs was smiley, attentive and apologised for the wait.

Grey Wolf’s Books

As much as this blog is about anything, it is of course about trying to sell my books. Without that, would not really have a purpose. One might as well be blunt about that!

I plan to be interesting, I plan to make interesting observations and especially to help to promote Science Fiction Month for November 2013, but I especially hope that people will buy my books and begin to repay the rather large amounts of money I have invested into this!

My author profile at Amazon has a full list of currently published titles

This website here promotes them down the left-hand side – if you cannot see them, you are outside of the iframe and need to go to

Mt Facebook page at is full of news on my latest works, promotions, sales and ideas. I hope it is both of genuine interest, as well as useful to make sales :)

After all, unless an independent author is already super successful, their basic wish is to be able to say to people with good effect BUY MY BOOKS – THANKS!

Best Regards
Grey Wolf

Science Fiction Month

November 2013 is Science Fiction Month and Grey Wolf’s Blog will be playing a full part in events, with articles on classic and modern Science Fiction television, films and books, a running Doctor Who feature that will focus on one Doctor, and one story a week, building up to the 50th Anniversary show, reviews of new Science Fiction and author interviews.


Advantage is a Science Fiction anthology, containing 8 discrete works, and 3-chapter previews of 2 full-length novels which have yet to be published. Looking at them in order, you have:-

ADVANTAGE – This is space opera science fiction, with a first-person character trapped alone on a burning battlecruiser, situation unknown but perilous. A self-contained story it should both thrill and amuse!

THE ESTATE – Action science fiction, this sees one of the guards of a royal estate, upon a planet, realise that something is wrong, and his struggle to come to the aid of his princess. Again, intended as a stand-alone piece, there is the potential for a sequel.

THE BROKEN RAINBOW – A piece that is both alternate history and science fiction, this is written in the form of a historical text, looking back on the events that have seen God break his promise to the world.

THE GOLD AND THE RUSSET – Stumbling into an alien object, the main character finds himself taken to a world that is parallel, but markedly different from the one which he has come from, and yet at the same time one which is more than aware that people are arriving in it from outside of the confines of their own world.

AN INTRODUCTION – Seeming at first to be a Neo-Byzantine alternate history, written in the first person, from the perspective of a prince of the dynasty, as the story unfolds it becomes clear that there is much more happening that at first meets the eye.

1) Bellerophon – Bellerophon is the sequel to the published novel BEHOLDER, and thus forms book 2 of The Ariadne Cycle. We join the story with Saloran Ratan at Station Two, after the events of the first book.

2) Cerberus – Cerberus is the sequel to Bellerophon, and thus the third and final book of The Ariadne Cycle, which begins with the published novel BEHOLDER. We join the story with Tarli Callas, imprisoned in a cave base by people she knows not who they are, nor what they want. But all will be revealed.

ADVANTAGE is available to purchase from Create Space

or for Kindle for KDP Select at

The cover of Advantage by Grey Wolf

The Bunbury Diversion

Driving through Cheshire, we were diverted into the town of Bunbury, a diversion that continued time and distance anon, no more signs, no clue if we had fallen off the diversion until at last we re-emerged back into civilisation.

Just along the road, heading back the way we had meant to, we approached Hurlaston and were confronted by a giant straw dalek, making its deadly way across a field…

dalek5 dalek2 dalek3 dalek4

Blog on!

Grey Wolf’s blog is coming…

Its not raining, either!

The porridge was nice, and the toast is soon to be eaten.

I had a pleasant night’s sleep, albeit something of a weird dream.

Off to Lancaster, today!