Never The Dawn


In an alternate timeline, the Emperor of Albion is one of the most powerful on Earth, stretching across North America, Great Britain, Iberia and North-West Africa. Its armies are famed for winning, and its vice-royalties govern securely. The twelve chivalrous Grand Orders have long since turned into entities more akin to mafia and corporations, but they get along, apart from that of the Serpent which has gone off on a darkened path of its own. Cyclops, the giant computer network takes information and gives answers, manned by masters and acolytes of its own. Giant airships tie the provinces together and in Albion City, the Emperor and his court hold sway.

But now mysterious globes of light are coming out of the jungle, supporting the Fulani rebels and attacking Albion’s outposts throughout West Africa. Worse, there seem to be lights in other locations within the empire. And now the Grand Order of the Serpent rears its head.

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Never The Dawn features an original artwork by London-based artist Derek Roberts