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My name is A.C. Heller. I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey. I currently live in Arizona and I am 27 years old. I have a full time job, aside from writing, and I like to consider myself a relatively sane human being.

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A C Heller – Interview with Grey Wolf

How long have you been writing?
I used to write a lot when I was younger. The angst of teenage years made for some pretty potent poetry that I am sorry I have lost over the years. But I started writing actual novels in May of 2013. I have always wanted to be an author but for a long time I saw it as one of those impossible life choices. Luckily for me I am rather technologically savvy so I quickly learned about ebooks and ran with it. With the support of my family, of course.

What is the earliest work of yours that you have published or intend to publish?
Fate is the earliest published piece.

Who were the earliest authors to be an inspiration for your writing?
I absolutely adore anything by Kristen Ashley, JD Nixon, and RL Mathewson.

Which other authors do you consider to be an inspiration and for what reason?
Well, even though it is indirectly, I’d have to say Anne Rice and Stephen King. My mother is a HUGE reader. When I was growing up she would always have her nose in a book and then she would tell me about them. So the love of books was instilled in me at an early age. Like my fear of clowns… Thanks to IT…

How many books do you have written, and of those how many are already published, and how many will be?
I have written two novels so far. One (Fate) Is already published and (Chance) my second novel will be published in early November of this year. The Series I am writing was initially planned on being four books. Though now I am thinking there may be more.

Where did the inspiration for Fate come from?
The honest truth is video games. More specifically MMORPGS. I have played online games for years and yes I was one of those people who sat at their computers for hours on end “raiding”. One of the main games I used to play was super hero based and the character I choose to create was a ‘healer’. When I created her back story I decided to make her a Nephilim. And that is how Chasca the lead character is Fate was born.

Some writers hate the idea of a prologue, how do you see its advantages?
To me prologues are the perfect way to set the tone for a story. It gives the reader a quick insight into the story without randomly divulging too much information.

Were you happy with the general ebook pricing structure?
I’m a huge reader so I was very aware of the pricing structure. I can tell you that I have bought over 300 books on my Kindle and the prices generally range from .99 cents to 3.99. So I priced my book accordingly.

Do you intend to have a print version of Fate?
I do. Though it is completely dependent on how well my ebook sales are.

Do you identify with your heroine, or is she someone you might want to be/have been?
Yes, very much so. And I can say this easily because Chasca was originally meant to portray me on an online video game. So her characteristics are very similar to my own. With the exception of physical appearance.

Did the end come naturally, or did it take a lot of working out?
I would have to say it came easily. I will admit that when I write I do it off of the top of my head. I do very little pre-planning unless it is crucial.

Are sales going better than you expected?
That’s hard to answer. Fate has only been out since August of this year and sales are not through the roof but as a new author I never expected to be an over night success. And considering when I decided to pursue my dream I was making no money from book sales. So the fact that I am making any sales at all, is freaking fantastic.

Are you inspired by any landscapes or buildings, or even towns and cities?
Not particularly. It isn’t as it I look at a sunset and say “Go away stupid sun!” I am just more likely to notice how it effects the people around me as opposed to myself.

Which was the first book you published and why?
Fate was the first book I published. And well the easiest response to that is because I actually finished it! But that is always because I really enjoyed writing it. I am one of those see-something-shiny people. So if something bores me, my attention span has officially vacated the premises. So clearly Fate did it for me.

Have you been surprised by a negative reaction to any of your work?
Surprised? No. Slightly wounded? Yes. After my first bad review, I actually walked around the house pouting for an hour or so. I’m logical enough to know that not everyone is going to like my work but having put so much of myself into it, naturally I feel it. This is something I hope with time, I’ll get over.

Other than authors (and friends and family) who are your heroes?
This is kind a broad spectrum answer but it’s the truth. Anyone who has the strength and perseverance to buckle down and pull through. Life is hard, and the world we live in makes it that much harder. So those who work hard, struggle but still refuse to give up are my heroes.

If you could go back in time to learn the truth about one historical mystery or disputed event what would it be?
That’s a hard one. There are so many! I would have to say Atlantis. The very concept that a (possibly mythological) historical city could simply vanish is amazing to me.

Can I ask your full name :) ?
You can. Though I am not going to tell you what my full name is. Though a nickname I often answer too is ‘Leah’.

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