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Beholder – space opera by Grey Wolf

The Ariadne Cycle #1
by Grey Wolf

Beholder is the earliest surviving story by Grey Wolf, dating to 1995 or 1996 and written on a hired Olivetti PC, running Windows 3.1. It was saved mini-chapter by mini-chapter on floppy discs and, over the almost two decades since, several attempts were made to put it together to make a cohesive whole. Once the rented PC was returned to Radio Rentals, only these floppies remained, and thankfully the files remained viable, and were frequently copied, so that when it was finally decided to compile it as the first full-length novel to independently publish, it was possible – but not easy.

It is probable that some mini-chapters are lost for ever. The numbering sequence would often jump to the next decade number, or even the next century number, to mark a significant shift in plot development, but where a numeral was missing in mid range (eg between 115 and 119) then it is highly probable that this marks a lost part of the story.

Nevertheless, Beholder is a cohesive story that reads perfectly and easily as a novel in its own right. What is lost, is sad but has not been seen for perhaps fifteen years, and the story without these few additional mini-chapters works fine as an example of grand space opera.

Most of the action in Beholder takes place in Station One, a world in miniature where criminal organisations, not all outside the governing structure, plot to gain advantage. Into this comes on the one hand Joban, an adventurer looking for a crew and an adventure to go on, and Admiral Locust Huws upon the battlecruiser Hyperion, sniffing that something is wrong, something is a-stinking at Station One.

Vignettes in Beholder see visits to the Imperial Senate and the Imperial Palace upon the Moon, and the ship of Joban as it encounters the Delh aliens. Story threads unite, and we soon see the Delh at Station One, a war in the offing and the characters we have come to know caught up in this. Station One is vulnerable, it is a man-made world in miniature that can be destroyed as it could be constructed.

Key among the characters are Vorp, leader of a criminal cartel, Marat, one of his young lieutenants, and Tarli, an eleven year old girl, used as a runner in normal times, but accompanying Marat as a scout as the mission unfolds.

Character interplay, the alien menace, political skullduggery, and the aftermath of disaster, see Beholder reach the stars where space opera is concerned.

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Never The Dawn


In an alternate timeline, the Emperor of Albion is one of the most powerful on Earth, stretching across North America, Great Britain, Iberia and North-West Africa. Its armies are famed for winning, and its vice-royalties govern securely. The twelve chivalrous Grand Orders have long since turned into entities more akin to mafia and corporations, but they get along, apart from that of the Serpent which has gone off on a darkened path of its own. Cyclops, the giant computer network takes information and gives answers, manned by masters and acolytes of its own. Giant airships tie the provinces together and in Albion City, the Emperor and his court hold sway.

But now mysterious globes of light are coming out of the jungle, supporting the Fulani rebels and attacking Albion’s outposts throughout West Africa. Worse, there seem to be lights in other locations within the empire. And now the Grand Order of the Serpent rears its head.

Never The Dawn is now available as a paperback from Amazon, for kindle through KDP Amazon and all other ebook formats from Smashwords.

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Never The Dawn features an original artwork by London-based artist Derek Roberts

Never The Dawn


Never The Dawn is now available for purchase

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Never The Dawn takes place in an alternate world where the Earth is divided up between several competing empires. Within one of these, Albion, strange events are beginning to manifest themselves, not least on the battlefront in West Africa.

With the world divided into several competing empires, Albion finds itself at war with more than it bargained for in West Africa. It slowly emerges that this is just a part of a larger pattern, and various agencies and chivalric orders begin the quest to get to the bottom of things.
The story begins in Timbuktu, capital of Albion’s vice-royalty of West Africa, and centre of the ongoing war against the native Fulani. Only now it appears that they have gained the aid of much more formidable allies, allies that the Viceroy and his staff cannot begin to understand.