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Ten Naval Battles

My Naval Alternate History (#2) book ‘Ten Naval Battles’ is available free on Smashwords for a limited period of 5 days using the following voucher code.


Go to

Purchase it, and in the purchase dialogue enter the above code and it will remove 100% of the price, thus making it free.

Offer expires November 20th. Only available to readers of my blog.

Giveaways and Free Promotions

Who would have known, entering the world of self-publishing, that it costs more than you earn for the first few months! And its addictive, this giving things away for free!

On Goodreads, starting today and lasting a week, I have 2 copies of my novel TIME OF THE DARKNESS in a Giveaway open to the entire world.
So far 181 people have requested it in one day, so it looks like being a good one!

KDP Kindle free promotions
OK this doesn’t actually cost me anything, and no doubt the vast majority of people who download it wouldn’t have actually paid for it, so its kind of like a bit of free advertising
Just one day left to get THE MAILED FIST free for Kindle