Grey Wolf


Epic, Heroic, & Urban Fantasy

Grey Wolf's full-length fantasy novels were written in paper notebooks, back in the day, and have never been typed up digitally. They formed two distinct bodies of work, defined by the world they were set in.

One set of stories began with a desert setting, with staff-wielding 'Wise' the staple of the civilisation of competing independent desert city kingdoms and republics. Characters such as Arendle the Wise, and Raztan the Wise, strode these pages. As the stories developed we were introduced to the dark empires in the South, to Zador and its semi-puppet Zezuno. We travelled out West to grasslands, and where the Principality of Kra, headed up by Prince Jokra, was located. Over the course of two novels, this world was developed, and numerous associated histories, city plans, drawings of temples, rock doors, and lost scripts, rounded out the world.

Time takes its toll. The first novel, The Awakening, was lost irrevocably when lent out to someone who did not return it, and could not find it. The second novel no longer seems to be within the corpus of surviving paperwork. Some of the histories and drawings do remain, as well as isolated scenes and epic poems set within this world.

The second main series of novels focus upon the main character of Donrac of the Soviar, in a feudal world of smaller states under an insane emperor. These novels DO exist, having been found within a box in recent years, though whether the associated maps, character studies and notes are with them, was not ascertained. As of yet, they have not been typed up digitally, but the intention is to do so for eventual publication.

Many other stories were started, but did not progress. One major strand that was created was an entire Dungeons and Dragons world, initially centred on the city of Sarburg with its duke and guildmasters, but soon expanding over neighbouring realms such as Shiassnon, towards a great lake, with trading cities and pirate states. Among the latter was Wolfburg, where rival pirate clans competed for political leadership. It was here that a stand-alone series of small stories, featuring the character of Markon, were penned, and these can be found published within the poetry book Farflame (listed under Poetry).

Part of the Dungeons and Dragon map

Much of the Dungeons and Dragons paperwork no longer exists, but a number of maps, and associated notes do, and it is Grey Wolf's hope to get these professionally rendered as stand-alone articles in a future magazine issue.

Grey Wolf has written a certain number of short stories with a fantasy theme, and a few of them have been published. These include 'The Rat', and the forthcoming 'Dragon Princess'.