Grey Wolf

SciFi & Alternate History Author

Poet and Photographer

Dating back to his days running a website in 1999-2000 for amateur authors, Grey Wolf has long wanted to work to showcase the writing talents of a wide variety of people who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

In 2013, networking with other then-self-published authors brought about the genus of a team to create a magazine for literature and the arts.

Later, Grey Wolf developed his own titles, working with cover artists, columnists, and listing the magazines at Duotrope for open submissions. The information below explains this history in detail, starting with the most recent, and current, publication first.

Infinity Wanderers

Alternate History & Real History

Edited by Grey Wolf

The name Infinity Wanderers dates back to a website Grey Wolf ran at the turn of the Millennium, hosting stories online from various ameteur alternate history authors.

An attempted revival of the name was in the idea of publishing an anthology of short stories, and while this was abortive, Violett Dragonlady did produce a wonderful cover for the collection, that would become the basis of the cover for the first 3 issues of the magazine.

After the June 2021 PUM AGM, it was decided to concentrate on reissuing books under the 2 imprints that would go forward, and to resurrect magazine publishing in early 2022 with the new Infinity Wanderers title.

Infinity Wanderers magazine is intended to be equal measures of fiction and real history and genealogy, with the fiction mainly in the alternate history and science fiction genres. It has established a quarterly publication schedule, with issues 1 to 3 being in Spring, Summer, and Autumn 2022.

Issue 4 of Infinity Wanderers is the Winter quarterly release, the Christmas 2022/New Year 2023 special, and has a cover specially designed by artist Robin Stacey.

Information on where to purchase all issues of Infinity Wanderers magazine can be found on its website:-

AHF Magazine

Alternate History & Science Fiction

Edited by Grey Wolf

AHF Magazine was an idea born on a walk to feed a cat whilst its owner was in hospital. The idea was for a magazine dedicated to alternate history and associated genres, as well as creative writing advice and ideas.

Issue 1 of AHF Magazine saw the light of day in Autumn 2016, and subsequent issues attempted to hold to a quarterly release schedule, but this sometimes slipped due to pressures of life.

The Pandemic saw issues 11 and 12 published, the latter in the Autumn of 2020, and including a feature on poet Michael Lee Johnson, and a cover by South Wales artist Hilary Bryanston.

Attempts were made to get issue 13 into publication but the renewed lockdown of early 2021 was overly depressing, and after several tries the issue, and the whole magazine, was abandoned. Shown here is one of the 4 potential covers created for that abortive issue.

All issues of AHF Magazine had a 2-year lifespan, and all are now out of print. A few back issues remain with the publisher, and can be purchased by emailing:-


Literature & the Arts

Edited by Grey Wolf

Innovate was a project created through the latter half of 2013, between Grey Wolf and several other authors, to publish a literature and arts magazine.

Initially intended as an e-magazine only, issues 1 to 3 went out in that format. With a monthly release schedule, guest interviews began strongly with Herbie Brennan and Brien Foerster, with their new books of 2014 being a strong focus.

Grey Wolf's mother passed away in April 2014, and issue 4 of Innovate was an In Memoriam special, having a print edition due to the twin kindnesses of Mark Fleming as the designer and the Amazon team who sorted out formatting problems so that we could get the tribute out. It also included an interview with John G. Hemry, author of The Lost Fleet novels under his pen name of Jack Campbell.

Issues 5 and 6 of Innovate reverted to an ebook-only format, but issue 7 was a special edition focusing on the work of Swansea valley artist Lynnford Jones, with Jed Dixon riffing off one of his paintings to create the magazine cover.

The print edition for issue 7 set the scene for the rest of the run of Innovate, with print and ebook options available for issues 8 to 10. With much coming and going in the Innovate team, it was hoped to pass the magazine on as a going concern to new ownership in 2015, but that eventually did not happen and the title closed.

No issues of Innovate remain on public sale, but some back issues of the print editions remain available from the publisher. Email for details and enquiries.